Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zumba dance video

Do you like dancing the zumba? Yet do you find yourself reluctant to even go join a zumba dancing class? You may be one of the few who find themselves cornered with shyness and are suffering from social phobia. Today, just getting hold of a zumba dvd can solve all your problems of not being able to join a class. It is not compulsory to stand in front of a large crowd and do the twist and turn. The zumba dvd will give you the chance of doing that and a lot more at the comfort of your home.

Some might think that zumba is another boring dance that will have repetitive steps. But the truth is that zumba not only works as a fun filled activity, it helps you lose weight and keeps you fit at a time you really need it. Learn some hot moves by purchasing a zumba dvd today.

The best feature of purchasing a zumba dvd is that it has music that is fast and upbeat, well suited to keep your toes moving in no time. A zumba dvd that has all the important steps will usually have music that is fun for anyone listening to it. Dance steps will be categorized making it easier on the beginner.

As stated before, the zumba is a dance and an exercise. So the moment you put that zumba dvd into the player, you’d be seeing steps that will keep you moving instantly. It’s not only dancing but a good exercise that you will get. It won’t matter if you are a natural born dancer or just a beginner; the zumba dvd will eliminate your shyness and reveal your dancing capabilities in a short span of time.

Majority of teenagers end up with many eating disorders when they try to lose weight. Why go through so much trouble and suffer when you can easily get a zumba dvd  and shed weight at the comfort of your own home. Exercise machines, fitness classes can become repetitive and boring with time. A zumba dvd means you won’t have to do any boring tasks as the dvd will have dancing steps to keep you in constant motion.

The more dancing you do, the more sweat you will produce. Your body will be in full motion, increasing your heartbeat. All this will help in losing weight. For many individuals who hate to attend classes, a good zumba dvd would prove to be useful.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zumba music

Would you be interested in losing weight while having fun? If so, say hello to zumba music. You could lose weight through this method, by dancing for mostly Latin American music. The great thing is that you could lose weight without even feeling that you are working out. The perception that zumba music is only for the young is also incorrect. The young and old alike could use this enjoyable weight losing method and ‘zumba gold’ is specifically for the elderly and the middle-aged.

Initially, only Latin music was earlier used in zumba music. Now however most zumba instructors use other types of music as well and even hip-hop is used now. Most experienced instructors however still maintain that at least 70% of the music used should be Latin. To make it interesting for participants instructors often allow them to dance for songs that they prefer. According to the ‘zumba veterans’ however, only around 25% to 30% of such music should be played. Though you may prefer different style keep in mind that zumba music is Latin in origin.

If you are just first interested in checking out how zumba music is like, you could buy a CD or you might be able download some through the internet. Generally, zumba music played in a class could be broken down to 3 categories. They are, the ‘warm up’ music, the ‘workout’ music and ‘cool down’ music. Normally around 2-3 songs are used for warming up and around the same number is also used for cooling down. Zumba music is most extensively played when working out and about 8 songs or more might be played for this purpose.

Singers like Shakira and Ricky Martin are some of the most popular ones among zumba instructors. Songs like ‘Hips don’t lie’ are very popular when it comes to zumba music, though the type of songs played in a zumba class could vary, according to the wishes of the instructor and members of the class.

If you are very enthusiastic about this method of working out then maybe, you should go online and check out some appropriate zumba workout clothes before getting enrolled in a zumba class. First however make sure that your instructor is one whom you think that you can work with because otherwise it might create problems. Some instructors have unique routines that you might find too rigorous so make sure to enroll for the correct class. Zumba music is a very enjoyable form of working out so why not give it a try today!  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Zumba lessons

In today’s world it is vital to keep fit and be healthy, but given the hectic lifestyles most of us lead, it is very difficult to find time in our busy schedules, for some well-needed exercise. Moreover the thought of running and push-ups might even completely turn you away from the idea of exercising as no one would want to come home after a tired day of work to work out. Well here’s news for you. You could always try dance aerobics! Aerobics does not have to always be only work outs. The concept of aerobics has evolved over the years and now includes several different types of aerobics to suit your need and preferences.

From water aerobics, to hip hop aerobics, there are plenty of different aerobics classes that you could enroll yourself in if you are not a fan of jogging, using a treadmill or the other usual exercises.

What better way than to start zumba lessons, to get a work out while also enjoying yourself immensely?? Workouts will no longer be a task but a form of entertainment where you will also have lots of fun! All you have to do is to look for a place that provides zumba lessons in your neighborhood, preferably one that is well-reputed for its instructors as you would want to do it right and get the most out of the money and time you spend.

Zumba lessons started out somewhere in the 1990s and had a large number of people flocking to try it out. Zumba is a fusion of latin dance inspired by other famous latin moves such as the salsa. So if you’ve always wanted to try it out here’s a chance!

Zumba lessons come in different types. If you are above 60 you might want to consider Zumba Gold classes that are more suited to that age group. This is because the workout is not as intense as other zumba lessons, but will tone your body and keep you fit nonetheless. Aqua Zumba on the other hand coordinates zumba moves with water aerobics and this can be tried out by persons of any age group. You could also find zumba lessons for kids, if you wish to keep your kids in good form from a young age.

So fish out that pair of pants, a t-shirt and your sneakers and look for zumba lessons near you to get fit and have fun today!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

zumba steps

Are you looking to burn those extra calories but do not want to go on a crash diet? So you want to keep yourself fit but do not want to do so by boring means? No longer do you have to starve yourself or try out tedious exercises.

You haven’t tried it all if you haven’t tried zumba aerobics!Zumba steps are taught in a class that lasts an hour. The zumba steps are uncomplicated and to a fast beat to different latin rhythms. It was the brainchild of Columbian Beto Perez and has been a big hit ever since it started in the 1990s. This form of aerobics is for people of all ages. You could always choose a class based on your requirements and age group, whether you want your child to learn zumba steps or are above 65 and would like to go for zumba lessons!

What’s best about zumba steps is that you do not have to go out to learn them. If you do not find the time to go for a class or cannot find a place that provides zumba lessons in your neighborhood, worry not! You could always buy the Zumba DVD which has a range of zumba steps that you can try out from the comfort of your very home, anytime of day!

Zumba steps are guaranteed to make you lose weight and may even work better than most other exercises , however it’s important that you make  sure you can go through with it, before you sign up for zumba lessons as it requires stamina and commitment if you are to get the best results!

It’s not hard to find qualified , zumba steps instructors around the country. Most of them are well-trained and will ensure that you get the most out of the experience. There's also a Zumba Instructo Network (ZIN) which would help you choose an instructor who is well qualified to teach zumba steps.

If you’re looking for a class to learn zumba steps, you could look it up in a directory or go to This is a great site as you can choose the day and type of zumba class you would like to join as well.

So what’s the end result? A well toned body that would make you the envy of every colleague and friend and what’s more you’ll always be fit!  It will also make you a much happier and stronger person.

Customizing your fitness t-shirt

Posted by: zgrl on: May 15, 2011

Here’s how to make your fitness clothing fun and funky for when you are groovin’ in your ZUMBA Fitness Class. This will allow you to
wear clothing that your feel comfortable in but also energize yourself and your workout by making your clothing funky!

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ZUMBA Toning® Class in Tacoma, WA (Parkland)

Studio 138 offers ZUMBA Toning® Class Mondays & Wednesdays and Fridays 8:15-9:15 AM. Zumba Fitness (cardio) is offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30 pm. Your first class is Free, Zumba drop in is $8, or purchase a Studio 138 pass and classes are $5 each.

Studio 138 is located at 120 138th Street S, Suite A, Tacoma, WA 98444

(corner of Pacific Ave & 138th behind Jiffy Lube)

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A ZUMBA Fitness Fundraiser for Lakes High School

Come out and support the Lakes High School
Dance Team, Cheer Squad and Boys Basketball team
Everyone Welcome!
Students, Parents, staff, alumni, community members!
Friday June 3rd
6-8 PM
Cost: $5.00
Location: Lakes High School Main Gym-10320 Farwest Dr SW,
Lakewood, WA 98498

Show your school Spirit and wear the Team Colors-Royal blue and burnt orange
Help us put together the largest High School ZUMBA event in Lakewood History!
Sponsored by
Zumba Fitness with Sherina
Studio 138
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